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I opened a can of Progresso soup and poured it into my white ceramic soup mug with the handle. I warmed it for 3 minutes in the company microwave and sat at a community table with another co-worker to eat. I consumed about a fourth of the soup when I found myself crunch into something very hard with sharp edges. I thought it would be some hard greens or something! I spit it out into a white napkin, and discovered black or very dark brown wings (about a half inch long), one was still attached to the crunched body of an insect showing signs of the guts squishing out of all sides, and a noticeable antenna from the head. At first I tried to talk myself through it by telling myself that people in other countries actually eat bugs on purpose. Then I dug the can out of the trash and called the 1-800 # and made my formal complaint. The very nice lady took the serial numbers etc from the can and told me how sorry she was that this happened. She told me someone would contact me in about 3 weeks and probably offer me some product certificates, if I want them. After I hung up, I started feeling very queezy and ran into the restroom to rinse my mouth and yak up a few particles of my lunch. As I am writing this, I still feel the urge to yak. Trying to fight it! Good thing I have a bottle of mouthwash handy. I just don't think I will ever be able to eat canned soup again, from anywhere! I want to report this to the dept of health or the FDA but can;t seem to get a contact information on Google!

Oh,well! I better just move on!

Sick to my stomach,

Michaelene Cooper

Buffalo, NY 14206

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Eww! I am so sorry to hear that. I just had a somewhat similar experience today!


When you are spooning or forking up something to eat, don't you look what you are doing. I would think if the bug was as big as you imply it was, you would have seen it before getting it in your mouth.


FDA allows upto but not more than 10 maggots in a can of mushrooms. Do you think they'll care about 1 measly bug in your soup?

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