So, I opened a can of Progresso "Light, Zesty! Santa Fe Style Chicken" soup.

Poured it into my clear glass bowl. Covered it up with a kitchen towel before I put it in the microwave for two minutes. About a minute after it was done, I sat down to eat it. I was probably half way done when I noticed a black bug in my soup!

I could even see its legs. So disgusting. I used to buy canned soup all the time. This never happened to me before.

I am grossed out. But moreover I am disappointed.

I plan to call them tomorrow to complain. They are closed right at this time.

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The same thing happened to me but in a can of Italian styled wedding I just started eating it and there was a medium sized black fly. I used to eat progresso soups all the time but i don't support them anymore after that incident.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1076402

Just found a black and red bug with two long wings in my soup after having eaten some of it. That's the last time I buy a Progresso soup, and I'd be wary of anything from General Mills.

First Born Triplet

That bug is probably more healthy than some of the things they add to the soup that is not natural, did you ever read the ingredients on the can, those are probably less healthy than the bug.


That bug came from your nastyass kitchen, you disgusting loser.


gross! on the bright side, at least it was a whole bug rather than half of it

Los Angeles, California, United States #849227

It's just part of their new protein-rich line! Relax...you probably ate a spider in your sleep last night.

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