Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup Reviews

Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup Review from Belmont, Michigan
We found a chunk of wood or something that looks like wood. Was the most disgusting thing I've even seen in a soup and quite possibly ruined it for me to ever eat progressive again
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Clump of hair in Progresso chicken noodle soup
I purchased two cans of chicken noodle soup for my child. She found a clump of hair in the soup after she began to eat the soup. I am not only disgusted, but very disturbed by this. Where is the quality control? We took pictures and saved the can. After picking my kid up from school, due to her becoming ill, I suggested stopping to get her some chicken noodle soup at the store. This kid loves chicken noodle soup, when I can't make it myself, I...
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I didn't like
  • Clump of hair in soup
Progresso - Bone in soup!
I heated up a can of Progresso Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup. While eating a bowl of Progresso Traditional Chicken Soup I bit into something hard and thought that I had chipped a piece of my tooth. I spit out a piece of a chicken bone. It was about 1/2 inch long. Evidently I am not the first person who has come across bones, plastic or other unidentified non-food items in a Progresso product. I will NEVER eat Progresso again. I have many cans...
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I too found 2 small pieces of plastic in my chicken noodle soup today at lunch and it was very sickening. I can't believe how many other reviewers are saying the same thing. I can see one here or there because things do happen, but this is ridiculous. . Wood, plastic, hair?? I don't know how you are manufacturing these soups, but there should not be so many of these incidents. I agree with others as well there are way too many potatoes in them...
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My husband ate a bowl of the Hearty chicken noodle with vegetables and immediately got very ill with vomiting and horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. It was food poisoning because he also had a turkey sandwich and I had one as well from the same loaf of bread and same lunch meat and did not get sick. I did not eat the soup. He was so ill he fainted and wasn't able to stand from his illness for about 4 hours later. He has always eaten this...
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Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup Review

I love your chicken noodle soup I get it a lot. This time my chicken was under cooked. Will not be eating this soup again or any progresso.